Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Craft Room

This part of the wall is to the left of the main work area, the boxes on the right come off so that you can access things closer to hand!  Thank you Baby...
This is my $3 paper cart, I call it this becaue I paid $3 for it and hubby converted it for me, yay again!

The corner of the main work area!

My cube shelves, full of embelly's Love It, also cricut station (are we in kindergarten?)
Right in front of the main woek are, love me some pegboard!

This is Laura's work station, you see she crafts standing up...No way I could do that.  I wanted to make sure she had a nice place to create, and of course there are her stickles!

This is just a little spare space that needed a shelf, so here comes hubby to the rescue.

Last but not least, my main work area, all the storage to the left was custome made by hubby also!
LOVE my littl slice of craft heaven!

Hope you enjoy...
Crafty Love,


Laura (tweetyb) said...

Love it! My own little work station!! Now I need to come over & mess it up!! :) He He!! LOVE ALL OF IT!!! :)

Debbie said...

oh wow this is awesome thanks for sharing I love to see others craft spaces as we all get so many different ideas from each other does your hubby make and sell anything? Hugs Debbie

Tammy said...

Debbie, He will make whatever you want, he just needs to know what it is. Labor is pretty cheap too LOL

Crafty Love

PrincessMinnie said...

aaww it looks great Tammy!!
hhhmmm back to this cheap
mmmm...i craft standing up too...i have two pink chairs but, i dont use them. lol
Great job...get to work! :)

Luanne said...

Super love your craft room!

Diana's Creations said...

Wow i wish i had a room like this, i would never come out. LOL

craftybird-cindy said...

Are you painting over the wooden panelling?